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From the trenches of WWII to the NSP knocking down your front door, the scatter gun has been a long-adopted special purpose weapon designed to meet military and police requirements. These weapons were originally derived from sporting and hunting guns. Few realize just how the shotgun has been employed as a weapon of war and duty with many options that can be offered.

The team at Run-N-Iron works with pump and auto shotguns to transform them into suitable scatter guns. Our portfolio includes home defense, police entry and 3 gun competition conversions crafted from a variety of standard shotguns. Extended magtubes, ported barrels, removable choke tubes, ghost ring sights, pistol grips and folding butt stocks are just a few of our many features. Our Black Oxide finish is a great way to top it all off. We also specialize in restoring Winchester, Savage & Stevens trench guns to the original luster that made them a fierce tool on the front lines.