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When you need to blow "things" up, put down the old bolt action Remington and go for the BLACKGUN. That's our motto at the tactical division of Run-N-Iron Customizing. Our gunsmiths have a special admiration for those guys (and gals) that love to see links dumping out the bottom of their .50 cal belt fed and brass flying through the air. To meet the interest of this special group of shooters (which matches our own), we offer a complete line of tactical weapons and accessories.

Run-N-Iron Customizing is experienced with a wide range of semi-autos including, but not limited to, AR-15, AR-180, Deawoo, AK and variant, Galati, FAL/L1A1/STG, HK91, 93, 94, and 1919, Beltguns, and Uzi. Assembly of parts kits or building a weapon from the receiver up are just part of our capabilities. As with our custom firearms, we construct guns to your individual specifications, yielding superb appearance and shooting effectiveness. We also thread barrels and install flash suppressor, manufacture custom or obsolete parts, repair, tune, and provide several types of finishes. Please see the premium finishes section for more information.

No matter what your needs are, Run-N-Iron is there to provide the service you request. For those of you who have a heavy trigger finger and like to see bowling pins blown to bits, we have photos that say more than words.