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Hot Salt Bluing
One of the most delicate finishing processes is the bluing operation. Bluing is not a coating, it's a rusting process. Our hot tank solution uses a caustic solution of Nitrate salts and is heated to exactly 292 degrees F. Since bluing actually highlights imperfections in the metal, special care must be exercised in the preparation and polishing.

We begin with block polishing to remove imperfections while maintaining sharp edges and crisp lettering. Block polishing also helps prevent the rippling effect created by uneven buffing. Our polishing proceeds through 240, 320, 400 rough grits to duplicate the factory production finish. To produce our high gloss Master craft finish, we continue polishing with 500, gray, and finally white (equal to 2500 grit). To achieve a low gloss matte finish, the metal is block polished, glass bead blasted and then finally blued.

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