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The Run-N-Iron team has come up with some custom guns that fall in a category all their own,, Run-N-Iron Exclusives. These guns, like our Custom Firearms, have great attention to detail. However, they feature much more building technique.

At the turn of the century, Winchester manufactured 20 prototypes of their famous 1897 in 20 gauge. Due to the limited production, this caliber of 1897 has been unavailable to SASS shooters and Winchester collectors for a long time, until now. We are currently offering factory Winchester 1897's fully restored and re-barreled in 20 gauge. The 20 gauge '97 is available in any of our premium finishes, including color case-hardened receivers with slow-rust blued barrels.

In 1878, Sam Colt built a side by side shot gun with laminated steel barrels that became the chosen defense of many Wells Fargo & Co. state coaches. We are now offering a colt style side by side with steel barrels, 3 inch chamber, color case-hardened receiver, mule ear hammers (one hand cocking), hard lapped chambers and a competition action job for speed. Although built with the classic cowboy in mind, this shotgun will fit the need of many shooters.

Sam Colt also strove to build a rifle that would compete with Winchester, thus the Colt Lightning slide action pump rifle came to be. Although we have been repairing and restoring oringinal Lightnings for quite sometime, their expense has always been a deterrent for many Cowboy Action shooters, despite the demand for a high speed rifle. We have met this need with a more economical reproduction that closely resembles the original, but is specially tuned for the abuse of cowboy shooting.

Big game hunting requires a big gun. For the long range big bore hunter who prefers traditional firearms, we suggest our 1885 Hi-wall chambered in 50-140 with a half round, half octagon barrel, color case-hardened receiver and checkered walnut furniture.

Whether you're guiding a hunt or looking for a SA concealed carry gun, our Ruger Thunder in 41 mag or our Ruger Custom Bisley are two top choices.

20 gauge 1897

1878 Colt SxS

1878 Colt SxS

Custom Bisely, bulls eyed ejector, free spin, jeweled, line bored, crowned cut frame, elk stag

Reversed side of custom Bisely

Winchester 1897 in a 20 gauge

1879 Colt SxS different angle

Ruger custom frame, round cyliner, 3" barrel, Bisley hammer, crescent trigger, line bored, Free spin paw, stag grips