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When it comes to a finish for any premium restoration or custom firearm, we feel that you should not gamble with quality. We don't try to restore firearms to factory condition, or build new firearms like you would obtain from a factory. We pride ourselves on crafting a higher quality product. In our opinion, if you want it done right, that is the only way to do it.

The key to a great finish lies within the metal preparation. The metal surface is the most visible, and therefore most important, consideration when crafting a firearm. Block sanding and polishing by hand sets the stage for a great finish and produces superior craftsmanship to anything obtained in a factory. It's up to you to decide what color, durability, and use you are looking for in your new premium finish.......

Hot Salt Bluing

Color Case Hardening

Fire Blue

Nickel, Silver and Gold Plating

Slow Rust Bluing

Stainless Steel Bluing

Mil-spec Parkerizing


French Gray