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At Run-N-Iron Customizing, we believe that owning a custom firearm is one of the single best investments that you can make in your firearm collection. Working in tandem with our skilled gunsmith, you will be able to own an attractive, functional collector's piece. We strive to create quality, reliable products for our customers while collaborating with some of the best craftsman in the country. Whether you are just looking for something different, wish to design your own firearm, or desire a custom fit, Run-N-Iron Customizing delivers a high quality personalized product with attention to detail.

The creation of a custom firearm is a process that begins with you, our customer. We begin by helping you choose an action. Next is the selection of your barrel, and then a custom fit stock. The final step in this process is that of the metalsmith.

The gun metalsmith is not just a gunsmith, he is a specialist. His artistry reaches beyond the level of most gunsmiths as he envisions new designs and compositions. Our goal is to make your firearm look and operate better than the original design. This ability to create and manufacture functional, unique, and attractive firearms is what sets Run-N-Iron Customizing apart from the rest.

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