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Labor Only - Parts and Materials NOT included)

Service ChargesPrice Range
Per Man Hour$50
Per Man & Machine Hour$85
Minimum Charge per Gun$50
Clean Customer Gun
Consisting of complete disassembly, cleaning all parts, inspection of wear and recommendations to customer of necessary repairs $60
General Action, Barrel & Rifle Work
Test-Fire Customer Gun
Does not include the cost of ammo
Remove Fired Case from Chamber $60
Remove Live Round from Chamber $75
Remove Obstruction from Bore $60
Remove Fouling from Barrel Time & Mat
Check Headspace $35
Check Firing Pin Protrusion $20
Make Chamber Cast $40
Lap Barrel $80
Straighten/Adjust Barrel $70
Install Barrel Liner
Not including cost of liner
Cut and Crown Barrel
Handgun $50
Rifles & Shotguns $50-100
Chamber & Fit Barrel to Action
(Does not include the cost of the barrel, action, polishing, bluing)
Install Pre-Threaded and Chambered Barrel
(Not including polishing and bluing)
Install Muzzle Brake $100+
Welding on New Bolt Handle $80
Forging Bolt Handle $90
Make and Install Spring
Flat Spring $80
V Spring $80
Safety Installation
Dakota, Gentry, Mod 70 type safety w/ shroud$125
Mark II/Beuhler type$45
Chapman Swing Safety Lever$110
Triggers (Installation or Adjustment)
Shilen, Timney, Dayton-Traister, Moyer$60
Double-Set, Single Set$110
Recontour Front or Rear Receiver Ring $100
Install Barrel Band Swivel $60
Pistol Work
Revolver Action Job
Clean, smooth action, not including replacement of parts
Semi-Auto Pistol Action Job
Clean, smooth action, not including replacement of parts
Chamfer Revolver Barrel $40
Chamfer Revolver Cylinder $50
Rebarrel Revolver
Remove old barrel, replace with new factory barrel, labor only
Straighten Crane on Revolver $45
Install Crane Lock $45
Remove/Modify Revolver Hammer Spur $35
Install Auto Pistol Compensator $100-350
Tighten Slide of 1911 Auto $85
Fit Barrel to 1911 Auto
Not including barrel
Non-Ramped Barrel $75
Ramped Barrel $130
Fit and Install 1911 Auto Barrel Bushing
Not including price of barrel bushing
Bevel 1911 Auto Magazine Well$40
Checker Front of Frame on 1911 Auto $200
Stipple 1911 Auto Frame$80
Open & Modify Ejection Port of 1911 Auto Slide$50
Throat, Polish Barrel and Feed Ramp of 1911 Auto $40
Fit Custom Trigger to 1911 Auto
(Does not include cost of trigger)
Fit Custom Hammer to 1911 Auto
(Does not include cost of hammer)
Install Beavertail Safety on 1911 Auto Frame
(cost of safety and refinishing extra)
Shotgun Work
Install Screw-In-Choke
(Plus tubes)
Win-Choke, Rem-choke, Colonial, 10ga Invector, and Thinwall Chokes (non-plated bore)
Open/Modify Choke or Screw-In Choke Tube
(Per barrel or tube, non-plated bores)
Port Barrel - Per Barrel $75
Resolder Rib (Not including bluing)$100
Resolder Forend Lug (Not including bluing)$55
Long Forcing Cone
Non-Plated Bores, per Barrel$50
Plated Bores, per Barrel$75
Raising Dent in Barrel (Not including bluing)$70
Sleeve Barrel$150-250
Install Rifled Slug Barrel$100-250
Polish Chamber/Bore$50
Back-Boring (Per barrel, non-plated bores) $95
Make New Hinge Pin $90-150
Sight Work
Sight in Customer Gun (ammo & targets extra)$50
Bore Sightings on Customer Gun$30
Pattern Shotgun (ammo & targets extra) $50
Drill & Tap Barrel or Receiver for Sights (per hole)$30
Install Receiver Sights$40
Scope Mounting
Gun Drilled & Tapped $35
Gun Not Drilled & Tapped (also see per hole)$50-75
Cut Dovetail in Barrel$45
Install Front Sight Ramp
Sweat-on Type$50
Screw-on Type$40
Band Type$80-100
Install Insert in Pistol Sight$45
Buildup or Construct Extra High Pistol Front Sight$50-75
Install Target Rib Sight on Pistol$40
Install Front or Mid-Rib Bead on Shotgun$35
Plug Hole and Re-Drill or Bead on Shotgun$60
Premium Finishes
Hot Salt Bluing (Oxynate 7)
-Matte Finish
-Master Finish
Stainless Steel Bluing (Oxynate 84)
Slow Rust Bluing
Fire Blue (Nitre)
Slow Rust Bluing
Color Case Hardening
Nickel Plating
-French Gray
-High Polish
Stripping Nickel (removal of old nickel)
Silver Plating
Gold Plating
Wood Checkering
Finishes are priced on a per gun basis as complete restorations starting at $600

Please contact us for details and estimates

We accept cash, money orders, cashier's checks, Visa and Mastercard. Please contact us to discuss what services we can provide you.