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Run-N-Iron Customizing is a family owned and operated business based in South Central Nebraska. Terry, Lonnie, and Shannon Meyer work together as a father and sons team to provide investment grade firearms and customizing.

It's impossible to live in the Platte River Valley and not fall in love with the beauty and warmth of the scenery and wildlife found here. From the age of young boys, Terry taught Lonnie and Shannon to respect the sport of hunting as well as the proper handling of firearms. As the years progressed, the family's interests grew into repairing and customizing semi-automatic military weapons. More recently, we have become avid cowboy action enthusiasts, admiring the origins of the modern firearm. A large portion of our projects are now restoring and crafting custom guns from the late 1800's for both collectors and fellow cowboy action shooters.

To be a successful custom shop, you need high quality equipment and the talent to operate it. We use precision milling machines, turning lathes, stock duplicators and tig welders for the base metal work and stock fitting. All fine tuning is then performed by hand, experienced with years of training in metal smithing and the study of art. At Run-N-Iron Customizing, we focus on fine details like smooth wood to metal fit, mirror reflections on blued services, and intricate hand engraving, to ensure that your firearm is a unique and well built custom piece that will bring you pride and enjoyment for years to come. We believe in creating firearms for individuals who want to stand out from the crowd, and family heirlooms that are cherished treasures. At Run-N-Iron Customizing, we do not cut corners because you should not gamble with quality.