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Cowboy Action

Coyboy Action \ Hunting \ Assault Rifles \ Target/Varmint

At Run-N-Iron Customizing we build custom cowboy guns to your specifications. You choose the brand, options, barrel length, hammer and trigger pulls, engraving style, and premium finish. When designing your custom firearm, you can select your unique features from a long list of modifications or request your own adjustments. Other places are also building custom guns, but you have to choose from a selection of pre-built guns. We believe that to be a true custom, the firearm should be built entirely to the shooter's specifications. That's why we work with you from scratch to design a unique, beautiful, and accurate showpiece.

If you are in the market for a pre 1898 antique, try one of our completely restored originals. An authentic original production gun can be refinished to function and appear as though it was new. Or, with the help of modern technology and a creative eye, we can dress up your firearm to look and function better than it did when leaving the factory. Run-N-Iron Customizing offers a wide variety of original pistols, rifles, and shotguns, including brands that tamed the west like Colt, Winchester and Remington. These firearms are as beautiful and functional as the day they rolled out of the factory.

We are also proud to offer fully tuned competition guns for the committed cowboy action shooter. These guns are built for speed and accuracy for those shooters serious about winning a national cowboy action meet. Shave valuable seconds off your stage time, while shooting pistols, rifles and shotguns of superior class that conform to all SASS or ENCOW rules.

If you are just looking to fine tune your new Cimarron rifle or pistol, or need a little work on your EAA double barrel shotgun, we can help you out also.

Original Colt lightning - case colored rust blued, & completely tune for cowboy action shooting

Winchester 87 - fully tuned 2.75 chamber, screw in chokes, and converted to two shell drop