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Target and Varmint

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At Run-N-Iron Customizing, we know that a great target rifle is centered on the action. Above all else, it has to function flawlessly to give precision accuracy. The quality of your trigger pull has as much impact on accuracy as any other modification, whether it's adjusting a factory trigger or installing target triggers (2 stage and set triggers). The addition of hand tuned internal parts also allows your action to function with enhanced smoothness.

When creating a custom firearm, nothing is left to chance. That's why we install only the best barrels on the receiver of your choice. Barrels are chambered to the cartridge of your choice.

Barrel styles include octagon, half octagon/half round, fluted and the standard round. Each style is available using either a lightweight or bull barrel configuration. You can also add unique features to your barrel, anything from integrated brakes to ported barrels, plus the sites of your choice.

The final component of your new custom firearm is the stock. We take special pride in crafting one of a kind stocks that add beauty and durability to your firearm. We provide a custom fit stock specific to your measurements and preferences, right down to the color and finish. Anything is possible, from traditional hunting stocks to target thumbholes designed around your particular shooting configuration.

When selecting your stock, we offer a wide variety of woods, from laminates to exhibition grade walnut and maple. Our stocks are finished out by sanding to a glass surface, the grain is then filled, and a coat oil or urethane finish is applied. Both satin and high gloss finishes are available.

We offer pillar and glass bedding for the accuracy competitive shooters demand. Other options include custom forends, grip caps, recoil pads, hand checkering and hand engraving. Each stock we craft is truly a work of art.

If target pistols are your admiration, we offer fitted panels using "True" Ivory, Indian saber stag, elk stag, buffalo horn, pearlite, and a wide variety of exotic woods.

To complete your custom firearm with a beautiful and durable surface, see our "Premium Finishes" page for a discussion of our metal finishing processes. Please feel free to contact us for additional information on features and to order your next custom firearm.

Hand carved Ruger insignia

Ruger M77 custom carved wildcat stock