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Coyboy Action \ Hunting \ Assault Rifles \ Target/Varmint

The perfect companion for your next big game safari or upcoming deer hunt is a handcrafted hunting rifle from Run-N-Iron Customizing. We offer unique pistols and rifles chambered in a wide variety of cartridges. Whether it's a bolt action chambered in 470 Nitro Express for an African elephant or an 1885 highwall chambered in 50-140 for hunting North American Buffalo, Run-N-Iron offers magnificent firearms with the power to bring down your trophy.

There are many features to consider when crafting your new hunting firearm. Thumbhole stocks fitted to your measurements provide increased control and comfort. The addition of decelerator butt-pads, ported barrels, and integrated muzzle brakes help to tame the recoil generated by powerful firearms. Pillar blocks and glass bedding are also offered to provide the accuracy required for a single kill shot. We also blueprint actions to yield the perfect specifications of a great firearm.

As with any Run-N-Iron custom manufactured firearm, the premium finish is tailored to your preference. Nickel and blue matte finishes are popular choices for field hunting guns due to their durability and non-reflectiveness. High polish blues, while more vulnerable to scratching, provide a beautiful luster for those who want to show off their investment. See our "Premium Finishes" page for a discussion of our various metal finishing processes.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information on features and to order your next custom firearm.