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Wood Checkering

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The art of wood checkering is akin to metal engraving, but is more easily mastered. The basic requirements are patience, plus a modicum of skill in the use of hand tools.

Examination of a gunstock reveals that checkering has both functional and decorative aspects. It is usually applied to areas of the stock grasped when firing or carrying the firearm. Control of the gun, especially in recoil, is thereby improved since surfaces so roughened are less likely to slip in the in the hands than if they were smooth. This is definitely true with uncheckered handgun grips, which become quite slippery with perspiration on them. Checkering also greatly improves the overall appearance of the firearm, especially when the panels are tastefully executed.

Spacing of the lines (determining fineness or courseness of the checkering) is based upon the number of lines per inch, which ranges from 14 to 24 lines. At Run-N-Iron Customizing, we prefer 20, 22 and in some very densely grained wood, 24 lines per inch.

In addition to standard checkering, we also offer stock carving. Although not as commonly used as checkering in decorating the stock, elaborate three dimensional carved patterns, including wildlife and other designs, are considered to enhance both the appearance and value of stocks.