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Nothing distinguishes a premium firearm like the art of hand engraving. For centuries, it has been the trademark of envy when it comes to prized family heirlooms and deluxe collector pieces. At Run-N-Iron Customizing, our engraving is done exclusively by the extremely talented Kelly Laster of Kelly Laster Engraving. Kelly offers an extensive variety of beautiful floral patterns and borders. He also offers gold inlay and photographic engraving. The process of photographic engraving involves extremely intricate engraving of pictures under a magnifying glass. Whether it's a stampeding stagecoach, mountain elk, or flock of quail, the engraved image actually resembles the quality of a photograph.

For more information about Kelly Laster Engraving, see the following article featured in the January/February 2004 issue of SHOOT! Magazine.

Download PDF of SHOOT! Magazine article (816K)SHOOT Magazine

Engraved then nickeled on back strap and Trigger guard, case color frame, blued cylinder and barrel

Nickeled and engraved back strap of featured gun

Nickel brass engraved to have brass shine through

Other side of nickel brass

Antique nickel, Fire blue

Hand engraved and nickeled

Hand cut engraving with gold inlay and blued steel

Colt SA 3" barrel, case colored, engraved by Kelly Laster