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Color Case Hardening

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Run-N-Iron Customizing provides a Color Case finish with a superior level of elegance for the true firearm connoisseur. Color Case Hardening is a process for the surface hardening of steel, which results in a decorative mottled-color finish.

To achieve these results, we use the traditional method of packing the component into a steel crucible together with a generous amount of charred bone, wood and leather, then heating the entire unit to a temperature of 1400 degrees F for two hours or more. This process results in a marbleized red-yellow-blue color and gives mild steel a very hard carbon-steel casing.

A risk with Color Case Hardening is the warping of components during exposure to the extreme heat. To combat this potential problem, we fit receivers with precision machine cut internal blocks to prevent the metal from being able to twist. Both standard steel and gerfidic metals (post '64 Winchesters) can be color case hardened.

Case colored receiver, Hi polished barrel and accents

Colt Lightning - case colored, gold plated trigger, blued barrel

Winchester 87 - case colored, slow rust blued barrel