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Mil-Spec Parkerizing

Hot Salt Bluing \ Color Case Hardening \ Fire Blue \ Nickel, Silver and Gold Plating \ Slow Rust Bluing \ Stainless Steel Bluing \ Mil-spec Parkerizing \ Anodizing \ French Gray

Mil-spec Parkerizing is a practical finish because of its properties. It is a phosphate coating that actually creates capillaries and micro-cavities which retain oils and rust preservative compounds. In addition, it cushions moving metal against electro-chemical corrosion, the most common type, involving both oxidation and reduction reactions. Mil-spec Parkerizing will hold lubricants, rust preservatives, and is non-reflective, which makes it the logical finish for the working gun.

Fresh from the parkerizing tank, the color is best described as a dark, charcoal gray and not olive drab as many believe. The green/brown color often associated with vintage military weapons is actually a result of the type and color of the lubricants and preservatives commonly applied to those guns.

To obtain a "Black Oxide" finish, the gun is promptly blued using the "Hot Salt Bluing" process following the "Parkerizing" process. This method generates a near black color and the most durable surface we offer. It is an excellent finish for military and hard working hunting firearms.