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Slow Rust Bluing

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The procedure for preparing metal for Slow Rust Bluing is the same as preparing for Hot Salt Bluing. However, exceptional care must be taken during a slow rust application as to how the parts are handled and how the rusting chemical is applied, since any oil spot can ruin an otherwise perfect finish job.

The process involves letting the parts sit 10-12 hours in a humidity box, boiling the rust to convert it to black oxide, allowing it to cool, and carding off and polishing each coat. These steps are then repeated eight to ten times prior to reassembly. One disadvantage to Slow Rust Bluing is the cost. It is a very involved process requiring a significant time commitment. However, if you are looking for an original Winchester finish, it is the best choice for your collector grade restoration.

Slow rust blued

Octagon barrel slow rust blued